Our Team

We are a family owned and operated small business.

Our Story

I am a mother to 6 beautiful children, 3 biological and 3 bonus babies. Having a large family can be chaotic, loud and very busy with sports and everyone's schedules. As a mom who needs a little peace sometimes I turned to crystals and sage and comfy clothes. May sound odd but after working with crystals and using sage, I realized how much more peaceful my life became. Suddenly, all those busy schedules that seemed so stressful became a lot easier as I was more centered and calm. I quickly realized the only difference was my lifestyle changes. Over the years I continued to see how stressed and chaotic the world was around me and wished so badly to shed some light on my lifestyle changes that helped me so much. I began to dream about opening a store that offered Metaphysical gifts, Crystals and natural gemstones as well as comfortable casual and semi-casual clothing for the whole family. Clothing that brings a smile to your face and just makes you feel good about yourself. Ladies.....I welcome you to Rare Breed Boutique! 

Our Style

Comfy but fun! Its okay to be YOURSELF!